Blockchains are a delicate matter to implement in organizations, communities, cities or state, as they impact all your processes.

At World of Blockchains, we’ve got among the best experts in the field : top enginers, security experts, lawyers, smart city or IoT experts and many other specialists.

World of Blockchains offers a wide range of proven high-quality consultancy services to help any players in the industry to make the best choices to be successful in his market and to fit with their own unique business strategy. World of Blockchains works closely with each client to deliver end-to-end service expertise covering feasibility studies, design, assessment and project management for blockchains multi-party ecosystems.

Our consulting portfolio offerssolution design support, help with boosting existing services and assistance. It covers:

Strategic analysis

to establish potential blockchains solutions, business models and deployments

Technical expertise

 regarding the deployment of highly sensitive elements and new standards, including device testing and validation

Global system security audits

to ensure the level of security consistency and required anticipation plan for the chosen solution