Blockchains are a technology without borders.

The impact is global and cannot be contained within national boundaries. 


Bitcoin is the first known application of Blockchain technology.

But Blockchain applications go far beyond the financial sector.


Most Blockchains associations represent a particular set of interests, of private, NGO or government organizations. 

We don't.


The vocation of World of Blockchains is resolutely multi-disciplinary and inclusive.

We bring together people of all backgrounds. Not only technologists, bankers or venture capitalists, but also farmers, music players and producers, healthcare professionals, lawyers, energy experts...

Thus, we can foster the emergence of Blockchains in all fields of human activity. 

Avoiding the creation of silos, we want to promote the sharing of knowledge and good practices among all sectors and stakeholders, and to prevent monopolies or oligopolies capturing all of newly created value.

We encourage the emergence of a sustainable and universal blockchains ecosystem.





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Blockchains impact the whole world. They are a technology without borders. The changes they engender cannot be confined to national boundaries.

That is why World of Blockchains is a resolutely global and decentralized organization.

Around the world, members of World of Blockchains are called to group together in national chapters.

Chapters are central to our work, bringing together our members in local and regional groups that run programmes and activities dedicated, among other things, to informing policy-making and educating the public about Blockchain-related issues.

Chapters provide unique local and regional perspectives on emerging Blockchains issues.

Chapters are all committed to furthering our goals and objectives in their own geographical area.

Chapters run events and activities to support our principles and mission : 

Educational events 

  • educating the general public about Blockchain-related and the disrupting impact of Blockchains.

Community programmes

  • ensuring access to Blockchains for economically disadvantaged people or those with disabilities, covering areas such as hardware, software, distribution and best practices.

Public policy programmes

  •  informing policy and decision makers such as government or elected officials, at the federal or local levels.

Networking events

  • helping members connect with like-minded people who share an interest in bringing the benefits of the Blockchains to everyone.

Our ambition is to have active Chapters everywhere around the globe, here is where we are now :



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We remain independent


Most Blockchains associations are operating for profit. They defend particular interests, industrial groups, governments or event organizers.

We take a different position. We are fiercely independent. And we commit to staying that way. Because, in order to bring together all stakeholders, we must not depend on any particular interest.

We are a forum for dialogue and governance.

We aim to unite and represent all persons, companies, associations, territories, regions, states. To allow everyone to interact and establish the necessary regulations by consensus.

That is why we welcome everyone and we do not depend on anyone.