We believe blockchainS have the potential to change the world. BlockchainS, not one single blockchain. We are committed to promoting an ecosystem where everyone can have an access to it, anywhere on the planet, without submitting to the veto of a monopole. 

We need the emergence of multiple uses of blockchains, accessible anywhere in the world, for anyone.

Our objective is to:

Establish a constructive dialog, by regrouping, without discrimination, blockchains stakeholders

Educate by spreading relevant information so anyone can understand the impact and uses of Blockchains – notably in developing countries;

Favor by all means its development and use by pooling experts and connecting with people who need expertise;

Raise awareness and inform by liaising with public authorities, international organisations and others key actors to educate policy makers and to avoid unnecessary restrictive regulation;

Promote inter-operability and accessibility by adopting common standards, protocols and open infrastructures;

Evaluate regularly social, economical, political and legal impacts

Remain independent

Maintain an international, federal and apolitical position as an association, willing to become an observatory of ideas combined with practical actions.

Members are grouped by territories and activities chapters.